Sustainability focused fairs

Sustainability focused fairs

Tue 20 Sep 2022 11:59 AM

Piazza Santa Croce in Florence fills with the carefully crafted creations by skilled artisans for two fairs this season. The International Ceramics Fair will be held from October 1-2, followed by the Textile Arts Market from November 5-6, bringing both the passionate and the curious to the central square.

International Ceramics Fair

Ninety ceramic artists from all over Europe attend the 23rd edition of the renowned International Ceramics Fair takes place from October 1-2, featuring a series of educational workshops for children led by skilled potters and a variety of sustainability-centred stalls and events.

Organized by the Arte della Ceramica Ceramists Association and La Fierucola, highlights of this edition include the presentation of Quotidiano Ceramico Sostenibile (Sustainable Ceramics Daily), a book dedicated to best practices published by LEF (Libreria Editrice Fiorentina).

Among those exhibiting their wares will be English potter Terry Davies who specializes in stoneware, Florentine ceramic sculptor Paola Staccioli who prefers the luster technique, and a wide variety of others from all over. Much more than a mere opportunity for purchase, the social occasion proves a poignant meeting place for artisans and those keen to acquire their pieces, while simultaneously furthering the future of this specialized handmade craft through educational opportunities for all ages.

From everyday objects to furniture, jewellery and more, many cultures and techniques are present in the two-day market-exhibit, with food and wine adding to the occasion and circular economy projects at work.

Textile Arts Market

From 9am to 7pm on November 5 and 6, piazza Santa Croce hosts the traditional Mercato delle arti tessili, with ethical, sustainable and environmentally-friendly textiles creating a dazzling display. As part of the market, there will be weaving demonstrations, free workshops for children and adults, and a focus on local wools and yarns, hand-weaving, spinning, natural dyes, felt and eco-prints.

Textile artisans from all over Italy will bring centuries of tradition and innovation to the square, with their passionate research into natural fabrics transforming wool, silk, cotton, hemp and more into covetable items.

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