Museo Novecento: Tony Cragg exhibition opens

Museo Novecento: Tony Cragg exhibition opens

Explore the creative process of the artist Tony Cragg at an exhibition opening at the Museo Novecento.

Thu 22 Sep 2022 10:10 AM

The Museo Novecento is opening an exhibition called Transfer to display the artworks of Tony Cragg, a sculptural artist originally from Liverpool.

Curated by Sergio Risaliti and Stefania Rispoli, the fascinating display opens on September 22 and will run until January 15, 2023. Covering both the first and second floors, the museum has also placed some larger sculptures on display within the cloister, creating dialogue between the art and the architecture of the building.

The exhibition takes the viewer on a journey not only to present these striking works of art, but also to understand the artist’s creative process and working method, with displays showing how the works of art are conceived and produced. These include a projection of a video of Cragg working in his workshop and a room showing what appears to be a recreation of his studio displaying a messy collection of materials, scribbles and half-finished works that give the viewer a sense of the ordered chaos that goes into the artist’s creations. The display on the first floor includes both sculptures and drawings by the artist, which interact to further demonstrate his process of examining forms and materials.

Tony Cragg is a renowned artist, known for his contribution toward reviving the art of sculpture through the utilization of innovative materials and techniques. Working in a wide range of materials including wood, bronze, steel, glass and plastic, Cragg uses geometric shapes and everyday objects to study the infinite possibilities of form, creating works of art that look almost organic.

Alessia Bettini, deputy mayor and councillor for culture, spoke very highly of the artist, describing him as “an artist capable of evoking nature and environment in his work, using the most varied materials, in a continuous and constant experimentation: hosting the Tony Cragg exhibition in Florence is an honour and a great satisfaction.”

The exhibition starts on September 22 and the museum will be open especially for the occasion, with free entry. Booking a ticket in advance is recommended to ensure entry and tickets can be acquired online or at the museum’s ticket office. After that, it will be open to the public every day from 11am to 8pm, except Thursdays, when the museum is closed.

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