Shop vintage clothes at Tee-Pee

Shop vintage clothes at Tee-Pee

The Tee-Pee vintage shop in Florence is packed with vintage clothing and with personality.

Thu 03 Nov 2022 11:40 AM

As their slogan states, the Tee-Pee treasure trove contains a rich selection of carefully curated vintage clothing, with an array of other items interspersed as part of the Arizona-meets-Nordic aesthetic. Owners Matteo and Sara launched the store in April 2019, having previously sold online and at markets, with their Depop and Etsy sites proving popular. Entering the space, you get a clear sense of their personalities, with each item rigorously selected and cared for to ensure the quality for which they’re known.

Hawaiian shirts line up beside university-sloganned jumpers and bomber jackets, while cozy woolie cardigans are nestled near patterned high-waisted skirts and baseball caps, with the owners attesting to the strong influence the US has had on their tastes. Matteo details: “It’s a passion of ours. Even since I was a teenager. The strong imprint in Italy that came from America through films and sports like basketball, football and baseball became something that impacted all the things I did, like skateboarding and having an interest in subcultures such as punk and rock and roll.”

From the floorboards to the furniture, each item was put together by the couple, with customers greeted by their personal playlists as the pair base the background music on their vast collection of vinyl. “It could be 1950s rock and roll, electro or country. Every day there’s something different!” Equally with the garments, the one-of-a-kind pieces are painstakingly procured at competitive vending points, with their knowledge of vintage resulting in truly special pieces that are difficult to come by.

Their self-professed perfectionism comes through in the immaculate condition in which the store is kept, with the focus always on the customer’s experience. Matteo tells us: “A good relationship with the public is what we have always sought. We love to welcome people.” Sara agrees: “Our space is small, so human interaction is fundamental. We try not to be invasive, but at the same time we like to chat with our customers.”

Having been together for 15 years, Florentines Matteo and Sara detail the path to their store. “We had both arrived at a point in our former careers where we wanted to create something together. We’ve always been passionate about markets and objects, and we’re both believers in the concept of small, family-run businesses. Finding this central location not far from Santa Croce was perfect, and our objective was to create a base of Florentine customers, making sure that those visiting Florence would also appreciate what we offer.”

Tee-Pee Vintage can be found at Via de’ Macci 50 and is open Tuesday to Saturday 10.30am-1pm and 3.30-7pm. Visit their Instagram or Tee-Pee Vintage online shop.

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