MedinAction: medical house calls and online consultations for English speakers in Italy

MedinAction: medical house calls and online consultations for English speakers in Italy

Tue 08 Nov 2022 3:45 PM

If you’re studying or living in Florence and need professional medical advice, MedinAction provides speedy peace of mind on the healthcare front. On hand to help expats and tourists with qualified physicians available 24/7 for house calls and online consultations, Med in Action ensures a concierge medical service in English.

At home appointments can be accessed in various ways: through the MedinAction website, the MedinAction iOS app, or by phone, WhatsApp and online chat. Accessible for anyone at any time, you can see a doctor the same day or whenever is most convenient for you. The service’s healthcare professionals can meet you wherever you prefer: at home, work, school or even at a hotel. 

MedinAction iOS app

There’s also the option to have video appointments online with GPs and psychologists. So, for non-emergencies such as flu symptoms or for mental health concerns, online medical consultations are a new way to access clinical advice, no matter where you are.

Should you require more specialized care while overseas in Italy, MedinAction runs a referral service that helps to organize appointments with local English-speaking specialists such as paediatricians or gynaecologists, ensuring that you get exactly what you need. For lab tests or x-rays, hospital stays and additional examinations, MedinAction has a network of trusted clinics and hospitals that can help with priority access to ensure quality care is given as fast as possible. The service can also serve as a liaison between English speakers and Italian doctors in various scenarios, such as if you are in an Italian hospital and struggling to communicate in order to overcome the language barrier. Five-star reviews on Google and Facebook all point to the professionalism, speed and reliability of MedinAction’s medical service.  

Payment is also easy and worry-free, as the medical service works with numerous insurance companies and will bill your insurance directly. It is also possible to pay in cash or through PayPal, and the doctor will provide a detailed receipt that can be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement.

Founded in 2015, MedinAction is well established, but it is also growing. From Rome and Florence, the concierge medical service has expanded to Milan, Venice, Naples and the Amalfi Coast, so medical aid is available in the main cities visited by international travellers. Furthermore, MedinAction has expanded into Ibiza, Barcelona and Dubai, making it a truly international service.

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