New street art in the San Jacopino neighbourhood gardens

New street art in the San Jacopino neighbourhood gardens

A mural by Lorenzo Tonda and Federico Niccolai addresses the issue of community integration.

Tue 17 Jan 2023 11:54 AM

A new work of street art has been installed in the Samb Modou and Diop Mor Gardens in the San Jacopino neighbourhood of Florence.

san jacopino street art
New street art mural in the San Jacopino gardens by Lorenzo Tonda and Federico Niccolai. Ph. CGE FOTOGIORNALISMO

Created by Lorenzo Tonda and Federico Niccolai, the artwork depicts a banquet held outdoors and was inspired by the Eat Like You Talk campaign that has taken place for many years in the park, whereby locals are invited to bring traditional dishes from their countries of origin to share with others.    

Children and teenagers participated in the creation of the mural by crafting clay items that will go on to be scanned in 3D and reproduced on the wall. The project also involved the making of an online virtual reality tool, meaning that onlookers will be able to find out more about the history of the garden by wearing VR headgear provided by Florence-based film production company, Gold Productions.

“Our city now boasts another work of street art,” comments Cosimo Guccione, city councillor for sport, youth, nightlife and heritage. “Our policy is to make Florence more and more of an open-air museum with diverse works and the involvement of artists from all over Italy.”

The artwork is part of the sixth edition of Festival dei Diritti (Festival of Rights), which focuses on combatting violence against women, gender discrimination and promoting the rights of women and the LGBTIQA+ community through culture, sport and entertainment.

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