Piccola Cucina: where strangers become friends

Piccola Cucina: where strangers become friends

Expect an intimate culinary experience where strangers quickly become friends over food.

Mon 03 Apr 2023 5:17 PM

Picture walking into an 18th-century Florentine palazzo, making fresh pasta with a group of strangers and leaving, full and happy, as friends. That’s what happens at Piccola Cucina in via Gino Capponi, where graphic designer-turned-supper club host Angie Niebles Moss greets guests for a meaningful and immersive culinary experience.

All photos by Francesca de Nigris @francescadenigris___

In a city strewn with cooking classes, Angie’s aim is to offer something special that revolves around food. “I’m originally from Colombia where the national love language is food, so when I came to Italy for the first time, I felt right at home. It was love at first sight. I became obsessed with the simplicity of the food: all you need is a handful of ingredients to create something truly special. As soon as I returned to Miami, where I lived at the time, I picked up a cookbook and taught myself how to cook Italian dishes by hosting an Italian night once a month and testing my recipes with my friends. It became a thing. Those nights are the inspiration behind Piccola Cucina.”

All photos by Francesca de Nigris @francescadenigris___

In May 2022, Angie moved to Florence and introduced her supper club here as a way to break the ice. Now, it’s turned into a business. “Accidentally really, it’s a way of being creative outside of my field! We say the experience takes five hours from 2 to 7pm, but it always runs longer than that. At first, there’s a roomful of strangers, but everyone leaves as friends. One guest had just arrived from South Africa and she ended up hanging out with the people she’d met during the experience for the rest of her week in Florence.”

The welcome grazing board of candied prosciutto, local cheeses and homemade mostarda. All photos by Francesca de Nigris @francescadenigris___

Piccola Cucina refers to the tiny kitchen in Angie’s studio apartment, a gorgeous space with original parquet floors, frescoed ceilings and tall windows. Adding freshly picked flowers, linen napkins and slender candlesticks, the creative director rearranges the layout to host guests for her supper club and fresh pasta classes based on ingredients purchased that morning at the market. “I like to create an inviting atmosphere with Italian music in the background, so that everyone can immerse themselves in the Tuscan lifestyle. There’s a layer of magic.” Spoiler alert: the arrival has a speakeasy ambiance. Angie shows her guests how to make a Spritz and, before too long, they feel so at home that they pour their own drinks, while nibbling on a grazing board of candied prosciutto, local cheeses and homemade mostarda, all of which is explained. 

All photos by Francesca de Nigris @francescadenigris___

“Angie’s class was so fun, informative and engaging! She is the perfect teacher to bring a group of people together and turn them into friends. Her passion for cooking really shows through her teaching and through her presentation. She is patient and takes the time to assure that each student has a wonderful experience and learns something. The atmosphere is also incredible. It is a Florentine dream with art, beautiful views from the window and a cozy atmosphere. I’m so thankful to have attended and look forward to attending more in the future!”
-Alexandra Petros

Angie Niebles Moss

As the aprons go on, everyone is getting involved: kneading the pasta, helping one another put the dough through the machine, stirring the sauce. “As a host, I love the fact that everyone starts anticipating the needs of others: pouring the wine, serving the pasta. After spending the afternoon together, it’s like you’re eating at a friend’s house.”

Photos by Francesca De Nigris @francescadenigris___/

Piccola Cucina: Intimate Culinary Experiences



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