Brancacci Art Gallery opens in piazza del Carmine

Brancacci Art Gallery opens in piazza del Carmine

Representing local and international artists

Mon 17 Apr 2023 5:14 PM

The Brancacci Art Gallery will open as a contemporary art space in a deconsecrated church in piazza del Carmine on April 18.

Vibrant paintings, small-scale statues and larger-than-life bronze sculptures fill the space next door to the world-famous Brancacci Chapel, transforming it from a medieval Florentine setting to an immersive art experience designed with modern elements in mind.

The established and emerging artists on display in the gallery’s preview come from both local and international backgrounds, such as Italians Antonio Signorini, Gianfranco Meggiato, Antonio Nocera, Flavio Lucchini, Giacomo Piussi, Enrico Versari and Fabio Inverni; Mexican Gustavo Aceves; Welsh Joanna Mallin-Davies; English Susan Leyland; French Laure Boulay; Russian Aleksandra de Pan; Danish Jørgen Haugen Sørensen and Eli Benveniste; Iraqi Resmi Al Kafaji; and Spanish Evita Andùjar. This multicultural mix is seen throughout the space as the works are unique, yet curated in a way that flows them all together, allowing them to stand on their own, while maintaining a steady atmosphere. The first floor welcomes guests with a long room of striking sculptures. Colorful female busts and kinetic leaping statues line the floor, keeping company with vibrantly painted canvases. At the head of the room, a spinal staircase takes the stage on the altar. The second floor sees an equally encapsulating space with joyful nude figures and playful bands of horses. Utilizing every corner, the theater-like seating creates a unique and communal art viewing experience.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 3.30 to 7.30pm or by appointment,the Brancacci Art Gallery is a multifaceted space founded by Florentines Jacopo Ciglia (Ciglia&Carrai Fonderia Artistica) and Patrizio and Claudio Lari (Badari), which aims to pay homage to the tradition of the structure and the city’s artistic history, while keeping an eye on the future and bringing art into the modern age. The much-loved institution of Italian art is maintained through local artists, while inviting international perspectives allows for an expansion.

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