Connecting the past with the present: ISF Alumni Celebration

Connecting the past with the present: ISF Alumni Celebration

Tue 09 May 2023 5:06 PM

On Saturday April 1, the International School of Florence hosted an alumni reunion to celebrate its 70th anniversary.

Founded in 1952, ISF is one of the oldest international schools in Europe. Alumni from every era of the school were invited to reconnect with former pupils and staff at the beautiful Junior School Campus. Over an aperitivo, alumni had an opportunity to look through yearbooks with photos of classmates and school activities as well as specially designed panels with class and staff photos. Current students supported the event helping welcome guests and provided music, showcasing their musical talent. The festivities continued with an evening event at Villa Viviani. 

As well as reminiscing and reconnecting with friends, alumni also gave up their time to speak with students about their careers. From Finance, Economics, Law, Journalism, Film Making, Politics to Neuroscience and Charities, alumni presented to Grades 10 and 11 and shared their career journey.

ISF is proud to have a diverse alumni network, with many former students around the world. We are grateful for all they give back to the school and current students, and look forward to growing and developing the alumni network with more events. 

Education is a fundamental pillar for any society’s progress and prosperity. This statement is not new to us, yet have we truly pondered its significance? The alumni reunion this April offered us a splendid chance to reconnect with our alma mater and the individuals who have helped shape us into who we are today. We had a chance to spend time with fellow alumni and current students who will soon join us in pursuing professional excellence. The event served as a compelling reminder that, while schools must bear the primary responsibility for imparting knowledge, the community as a whole must share in this duty. Our visit back to school reignited our appreciation for the formative years spent here and the fond memories we hold dear. Moreover, it allowed us to glimpse the ease with which we could lend a hand to our community and contribute to its betterment, ensuring that future generations inherit a thriving society. As I anticipate the next reunion, I also look forward to the opportunities in between to be a more consistent member of the ISF community.

Cesare Cacciapuoti / Alumni 2001-2010

The wonderful 70th anniversary of the International School of Florence brought together alumni, alumni parents and teachers at Villa Tavernule in Bagno a Ripoli. Over 200 attended to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and each other’s company. The reunion was a time to reminisce about each other’s school experience and how ISF affected and changed their lives. As a former Head of School (1990-95), I was personally moved to meet former students and parents and to learn how much the school meant to their lives. Congratulations to ISF, and with best wishes for many more years serving the international community in Florence.  

Francisco Grijalva, Ed.D. / Former Head of School 1990-95

The warm and sunny weather on the day reflected how fantastic the event was! It was a real pleasure to watch how everyone dressed up nicely and enjoyed reminiscing the many wonderful memories they have of their time at ISF. Moreover, I was able to talk to one of my all-time favourite teachers who left school and discuss our school newspaper with him and several other former students who used to run the newspaper. Beautiful music provided by other CAS musicians and the air was filled with joy and celebration. 

Alisiya / Grade 11 

It was great to be able to talk with people who had been in the same place I was many decades ago. I think that, as this happened very near to my last day of school here at ISF, it also gave me some motivation to keep in touch with my friends from ISF, and hopefully to come back to see them again sometime in the not so distant future. 

Gustavo / Grade 12

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