Gallery: a public art project on Tuscany’s buses

Gallery: a public art project on Tuscany’s buses

Autolinee Toscane displays photography, illustrations, poetry and prose.

Tue 09 May 2023 2:58 PM

Tuscany’s bus company Autolinee Toscane is collecting works of art produced by the public.

A mock-up of what the Gallery – Art on the Bus project will look like

Gallery – Art on the Bus aims to support the region’s artists, creatives, writers and poets by selecting, funding and showing A4 posters on board its buses. Up to ten photographic, visual and textual works by the same artist will hang from the handrails for an entire month and will be repeated on different bus routes across the region.

“Buses travel through lands and communities, taking with them stories, reflections and human events,” comments Tommaso Rosa, project ideator and marketing, brand and communications manager for Autolinee Toscane. “Gallery provides a space for these stories, making them available to everyone. It also acts as a showcase for whoever wishes to show their art and perhaps does not have access to traditional channels.”

Artists can submit their works online, choosing where they would prefer to see their works displayed and their artistic field: words, drawing or photography.

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