A Misura di Bambino: keeping kids busy in Florence and Prato

A Misura di Bambino: keeping kids busy in Florence and Prato

A bank of ideas for parents of little ones

Mon 25 Mar 2024 4:23 PM

The list parents dream about is a quick click away. A Misura di Bambino is the one-stop-shop in Italian for kids’ activities, covering everything from where to celebrate birthdays and enjoy family-friendly restaurants to summer camps, sports and cooking classes, founded with the objective of creating a network of trust between families and companies operating in the sector.

An informative round-up of fun experiences and outdoor excursions close to the city and further afield gives endless ideas on what to do with little ones, meaning you will always have an answer for that much loved/loathed question: “What are we doing today?” A filter allows you to curate the selection for your animal-loving tot or budding art-historian adolescent, with the free resource gathering together the various kid-dedicated services for the benefit of all. 

A review section gives the chance to provide honest feedback, while colour coding according to age group makes the wide-ranging calendar easy to consult. Parents in Prato even get a dedicated diary as the ever-growing group spreads outwards. Added to this is the rewards system for cultural kids, with a point for each activity enjoyed, plus a gadget and free activity awarded for active participants!

The 11,500-plus private group started on Facebook by Chiara Giami, A Misura Di Bambino-Firenze, pulls together the tips and tricks provided by local parents, while the recently launched A Misura di Bambino-Prato currently stands at 1,800 members.

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