Open-ended arts at The Square

Open-ended arts at The Square

The new venue comprises a bar, theatre space, recording studio, co-working stations and more.

Tue 28 May 2024 12:33 PM

A new cultural space comes to Le Cure. The Square is a 1,000 m2 container for art, theatre, dance, music, cinema, coworking and other cultural endeavours, to be found at via Domenico Cirillo 1r, a short distance from piazza delle Cure. Roberto Caccavo, Nicola Magnini and Marina Melani of the existing Magnoprog saw the need to expand, and so acquired the former fur factory, thanks to the collaboration of those working in the local arts sector.

The concept of ‘The Square’ comes from the open and traversable nature of a piazza, accessible from all directions. A hub for creative energy in the area, the space includes a bar, managed by Lorenzo Furferi, for a caffeine kick or pre-show aperitivo, while theatre courses, dance (catered to by the LUV association, led by Luigi Ceragioli), and kids’ classes all form part of the programming.

Another aspect that meets the needs of the ever-growing co-working community is the area upstairs organized by Antonio Ardiccioni’s Multiverso, where those in need can find work stations for a monthly fee. The upper floor is home to a professional recording studio, with dubbing lessons organized by Massimo Ali’s Teatro a Manovella. A cinema space is also in the works, given founder Roberto Caccavo’s links to the film world (he’s the president of Serious Game Film).

The public theatre TeatroMagma can seat 140, with the first of the theatre’s burgeoning programming in English (they’re open to ideas!) being Peter Dulborough’s Music of the Stars on June 7. Starting at 8.45pm, there will be a concert version with a live band and a narration of the music and songs of the musical inspired by Antoine di Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince. From classical to pop-rock, taking in piano ballads and jazz and blues pieces, it promises to be a lively musical performance, taking pieces from his recently released album. “Recording ‘The Music of the Stars’ was a deeply personal and emotional experience for me,” shares Peter Dulborough. “As I revisited songs and music I had performed 25 years ago, I found new meaning and inspiration in their melodies. This album is a testament to the enduring power of music to touch our hearts and souls.” Get your tickets.

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