Indie Unconference Europe 2024 to be held in Florence

Indie Unconference Europe 2024 to be held in Florence

Held from October 2 to 5, the event helps authors find their way in the world of independent publishing.

Tue 02 Jul 2024 4:41 PM

There may be more beautiful places in the world that inspire greater creativity, but they’d be hard to find. Throughout its history, Florence has been a cradle of creativity and innovation. This October, Florence’s continuum of creativity and innovation continues at the fourth annual Indie Unconference, an international gathering of authors and industry leaders who are forming and shaping the fast-growing world of independent publishing.

With some 35 per cent of all new books now independently published, there has never been a better time for authors to take control and collaborate in the creation and production of their own literary work. But the very dynamic nature of the independent publishing landscape, the opportunity and possibilities that make it so rich and exciting, can also make the prospect daunting and confusing. Which is where Indie Uncon, as it is fondly known, comes in.

Designed to provide a collaborative road map and comprehensive guide, the UnConference, which is as unconventional and innovative as its name suggests, avoids the typical “top down” structure. “The agenda is shaped by the voices in the room,” says co-organizer and Florence local, Shaun Loftus. Long-time director of FESTA, Florence English Speaking Theatre Artists, Shaun is also the founder and director of The Book Whisperer marketing agency and Casa Croce publishing, both of which specialize in independently published books. 

“The exciting thing about this conference,” Shaun says, “is that it’s all about you. Whether you’re a US bestselling author or just starting your writing journey, at Indie UnCon you’ll find people eager to share their experiences and help you find your way in the ever-changing world of independent publishing.”

The feast of information and creative energy that is Indie UnCon is also designed to be fun. “Indie writers are unusually dynamic and friendly,” says fellow co-organizer Elizabeth Jennings. “They realize a rising tide lifts all boats. They help each other. At an Indie Unconference there is simply so much to discuss, so much to know if you want to be successful. Genres—what’s hot and what’s not—different types of ads, how to organize a book launch. How to deal with the behemoths that determine the book world, like Amazon. How to organize newsletters. When to change genres. How frequently should you and can you publish… The list is endless. If you want to make a go of your writing,” Jennings adds, “you couldn’t do better than get a bunch of dopamine hits at the Indie Uncon conference this October in Florence.”

The location of 2024’s Indie Uncon is not just a backdrop. It’s an integral part of the experience. Held from October 2 to 5, 2024 at 25hours Hotel, Indie UnCon 2024 promises to do what Florence does best: give a group of like-minded people from around the world a gorgeous place to gather and immerse themselves in the history of creativity and innovation that is the city’s birthright.

Notable sponsors for Indie Unconference Europe 2024 include Kindle Direct Publishing, Reedsy, Book Vault, Vellum, NetGalley, StreetLib, ALLi The Alliance of Independent Authors, Book Funnel, KDP Champ and many more leading industry partners.

If you’re an author and want to learn about new paths of publishing, register now to turn your vision into reality. The Indie UnConference Europe is offering a special early bird price until August 2, 2024. General registration closes on September 15, 2024. To register after this date, email For more information, visit Indie Unconference Europe and/or register directly here.

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