This summer in Florence is witnessing the celebration of not one but 12 masters of the Italian contemporary. Starting with the YTALIA exhibition, contemporary art is taking the city by storm.


The first installation visited by photographer Andrea Paoletti was by one of the Masters of Italian Transavantguardia, Neapolitan Mimmo Paladino at Florence's Marino Marini Museum. In addition to the vestments hand-crafted with Alberta Ferretti and exhibited in the Rucellai Chapel as part of the Museum, the San Pancrazio crypt hosts Paladino’s “I Dormienti” (“Sleepers” in Italian). The mesmerising terracotta figures are asleep in the foetal position and accompanied by a polyphonic lullaby thanks to a collaboration between British musician Brian Eno and Paladino, while the magical atmosphere of the crypt provides the perfect setting for these inspiring sculptures. 


Along with Paladino, the artist Nunzio di Stefano makes a subtle appearance with two other site-specific pieces in the chapel.

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