Running until the end of the year, Waterbones (climbing) by Loris Cecchini has opened on the façade of the Gallery Hotel Art in Vicolo dell’Oro, part of the hotel’s continued efforts to promote and display contemporary artwork. The work comprises a grouping of thousands of steel modules, emblematic of Cecchini’s style, assembled in an infinite number of combinations, representing organic growth or cell aggregation.


As Cecchini explains, “It’s an architectural sculpture made through a process of digital design and industrial production, conceived of precisely for an existing space. Science, art and poetry come together to create a unique work that combines methods of industrial manufacturing, as well as the search for an experience of working with materials associated with scientific and philosophical themes, like natural creation and spontaneous proliferation.”


Waterbones is staged alongside Works of Art and Magic Moments, on display inside the hotel until late 2018. Both exhibitions have been made possible thanks to a collaboration with the Centro Pecci in Prato in celebration of the contemporary art museum’s 30th anniversary. Further solidifying the show’s prateseconnections is the exhibition catalogue, which has been bound in a one-of-a-kind fabric produced by Prato-based textile company Manteco and depicting Cecchini’s key medium.

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