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Mastery and mystery

The unstoppable success in the  last two years of The da Vinci Code by Dan Brown has certainly renewed interest in Leonardo Da Vinci, already one of the most popular Italian Renaissance masters. In order to meet the public’s desire for more knowledge regarding Leonardo and his


Timeless genius

All over the city from banners, to billboards, to the back of your bus ticket you see the bas-relief sculpture of a graceful Gabriel who delivers his urgent message to the Virgin Mary and simultaneously announces a remarkable exhibition of Florence’s nearly-forgotten Renaissance master: Arnolfo di


The Florentine’s Top Ten

10 Vino Novello   You’ve probably seen wine shops and restaurants advertising the arrival of the newest wines and maybe wondered what the fuss is all about. Vino novello tends to be quite fruity and has a very distinct sweet flavour, but is worth trying and pairing with