Author: Alexandra Lawrence

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July 24, 2008

An interview with Jenufa Gleich

Jenufa Gleich is one to watch. This American opera singer graced the stage at Carnegie Hall before making her move to Florence in pursuit of realizing her dreams in the birthplace of opera. She makes her Italian debut on July 24 the soprano soloist in Carmina Burana, as part of
July 10, 2008

George Washington revived

Florence celebrated U.S. Independence Day with the restoration of one of America's champions of independence-George Washington.   The bust of the American forefather, located in Piazzale Kennedy in the Cascine Park, had been losing bits of its nose for some time. According to architecture students at the
June 12, 2008

Creating culture

Have you ever longed to spend warm summer nights lounging in the garden of a world-renowned Tuscan villa overlooking the city of Florence? Have you dreamed of enjoying jazz under the stars in an Oltrarno piazza? Or watching Shakespeare in a Renaissance cloister? How about spending a month among
May 29, 2008

The first time ever

Check TV news clips, Internet video and newspaper photos coming from the Democratic National Convention August 25-28. You might spot a Florentine.      Local resident Jo-Ann White will be one of the delegates from all over the states gathering to select the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, either Illinois senator Barak Obama or New York […]
April 17, 2008

Understanding Brunellogate

The Italian wine world is in a tizzy over recent allegations of fraud in the production of Brunello, one of the country's most prestigious wines. Though nothing official had been released, rumors of an investigation began swirling earlier this month in the tiny Tuscan town of Montalcino, where Brunello
April 3, 2008

An interview with James Taylor

Legendary singer-songwriter James Taylor has earned 40 gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards for his songs and albums over the years. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the prestigious Songwriter's Hall of Fame, he has also received Billboard magazine's Century Award for distinguished
February 7, 2008

The end of Eden?

Everyone knows something about Italy, whether it be Rome?s ancient architecture, Florence?s splendid art, the canals of Venice, the sway of a cypress tree or the warmth of Italy?s seemingly ever-present sun. Italy is a daydream. It is magic. It?s fresh pasta and verdant hills
October 31, 2007

An interview with Count Niccolo’ Capponi

Count Niccol? Capponi is a part of Florence?s living history. His family has been in the city since the thirteenth century and he is a historian. After earning a PhD in military history from the University of Padova, he returned to Florence, where he currently teaches political science and
February 23, 2006

Venice unmasked

I got lost on my last trip to Venice.  It makes no difference that it was my twentieth trip to La Serenissima in half as many years, or that I can, on a very good day, navigate its infinite bridges and narrow calli without a second thought.  During