Author: Alexandra Salomon

January 12, 2006

The down and dirty

The 16th-century Fountain of Moses, a testament to the power of Pope Sixtus V, sparkled after a restoration was finished in 1988 in Rome. But now the likeness of the biblical hero that adorns the fountain is turning black, the victim of a constant barrage of traffic exhaust and
December 15, 2005

An Interview with Eugenio Giani

Eugenio Giani, Assessore allo Sport e Tempo Libero, has been serving the city of Florence since 1990.Although he studied law he found his calling in public service.After spending three years working for a Florentine law firm, he decided to enter politics and has never left.A member of
November 17, 2005

In an unlikely location, a Jewish tradition lives on

As the sun beats down on St. Peter’s Square, tourists and pilgrims stand in a long line waiting to enter Vatican City. Souvenir stands filled with a large selection of rosaries and other trinkets surround the imposing square.   “How much?” asks a young Polish pilgrim,