Author: Claudia Durastanti

A writer and translator, Durastanti has written about music for Il Mucchio and now writes about books for other publications. She has published two novels with Marsilio, Un giorno verrò a lanciare sassi alla tua finestra (2010) and A Chloe, per le ragioni sbagliate (2013). Her latest book is Cleopatra va in prigione (minimum fax, 2016). She lives in London.
June 18, 2019

My Phone Calls Were Brief

My brother learned to swim when he was fourteen, by jumping off a promontory. Our father usually took us on vacation to the coast, but not the kind of beach with umbrellas and lifeguards.   He would make us wash our canvas shoes before they started to stink; by the end of the season they’d […]