Carolina Bax

    Carolina Bax hails from the southern coast of Italy, having grown up in Puglia. She moved to Florence in 2008 and has lived here ever since. She is currently studying German and Italian Literature at Oxford University. Whenever not in Oxford, she spends her time Instagramming Florence's buildings and blogging about various topics, including poetry about artichokes, life in Germany and music.

    Articles by the author


    The Senior Nomads in Florence

    Imagine selling most of your belongings, leaving your hometown and setting out on a never-ending adventure circling the globe, with no end in sight to your travels. It sounds like ...


    The double expat

    My first day somewhere other than Italy will be imprinted forever in my memory. While in October Italians were still sunbathing and sipping aperitivi, stepping off the plane at Heathrow ...


    Penguin dukes and royal flamingos in Florence

    Strolling toward piazza Santo Spirito, there’s always so much to observe—this part of the Oltrarno is choc-a-bloc with botteghe, postcard-worthy shops and galleries, from the historic to the new. A ...


    Poetry, music and art in piazza della Passera

    As the days trickle by and Florentine summer comes to an end, those who aren’t quite ready to let go of the season will be kept entertained by numerous outdoor ...