Author: Editorial Staff

The Florentine editorial staff
May 5, 2005

Cycling: Cipollini Retires

One of Italy’s, and the world’s, top cyclists, Mario Cipollini announced he would be retiring. After a long and successful career the king of cycling has decided to leave the competitive circuit: “I have been racing with emotion for a lifetime and it will be

Illegal Work Decreases in Tuscany

The Italian Tax Bureau (INPS) caught 6,886 people who worked without paying taxes in 2002, but estimates are that total numbers reach as high as 22,000. Though still high, these numbers demonstrate a decrease of 10% since 1995 in “under the table” work agreements. Tuscany also

Berlusconi’s new government gains approval

When Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi resigned two weeks ago, the political upheaval that ensued forced President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi to request that Berlusconi form a new temporary government to carry out the term until the elections set for next year.   The reorganised government that was then proposed included, for

Moto GP: Rossi Wins

Valentino Rossi won yet another trophy in an unexpected victory at the first World Motorcycle Race to ever be held in Shanghai, China. Under pouring rain, conditions that Rossi does not perform best in, and with a motorcycle that had caused problems until now, he managed to dominate the entire

Housing Crisis

Over the course of the next two years, 900 tenants in Florence will face eviction. Tenant’s rights constituents have protested these high numbers. The City has decided to respond to the housing crisis by offering no-interest loans of up to 5,000 Euro for families most in

Italy rejects U.S. version of official’s death

The Italian government formally rejected the results of the U.S. investigation into the “friendly fire” shooting of one of Italy’s top secret service agents by American military during a rescue operation in Iraq.   A report by American military investigators was published last week, in
April 28, 2005

Rome Returns Obelisk to Ethiopia

The huge obelisk (or “stele”) that has long been a part of Rome’s landscape was returned to its rightful owners in Ethiopia last Sunday. The return was made in hopes of rebuilding relations with this country. The stele will be re-erected in the city of

What’s in a name?

Pope Benedict VXI, looking a little tired after an emotional few weeks, was inaugurated as Pope last Sunday. After the 350,000 strong crowds left the square, Rome packed away the last of the big screens, tent cities, plastic bottles and barriers and probably sighed its relief at a job

Nannucci to create new monument at Santa Maria Novella

Artist Maurizio Nannucci’s proposal for the new monument to be erected at the Santa Maria Novella train station has won the approval of city government. The monument will be a tribute to the collective memory of partisan resistance during World War II. It will be located near the

Restaurant Magazine Awards 3 Italian Restaurants

Italy did not fair as well as Great Britain this year in Restaurant Magazine’s top 50 restaurants in the world list, but 3 Italian eateries did manage to get on the list. Italy’s top are, Checchino dal 1887 in Rome, Gambero Rosso in Livorno, and Florence&