Author: Elena Brizio

October 16, 2008

Family matters

…Count Nicola of Pitigliano [Orsini] had sexually assaulted his own daughter-in-law, wife of the Count’s son, Alessandro … and the family of the woman were planning to go to Pitigliano and take her back home. Moreover, Count Nicola just had a son, after three daughters, by his Jewish lover and has made a great feast […]
September 6, 2007

Manhunt for the misbehaving priest

Letter sent by Onofrio Camaini, the Sienese Chief of Justice to Duke Cosimo I de Medici on April 6, 1559:   [] The trial of Terenzio Usinini of Siena, who was arrested for the attempted rape of the Widow of Belforte, is almost over [] The result of the trial is that