Author: Emmy Yoshida

Emmy Yoshida is an author, single mother and owner of International Babysitters, a babysitting agency offering crèche facilities and multilingual childcare to the tourists and expats of Florence. She lives in Florence with her six year old son Enzo. Find out more at
April 3, 2017

4 foreign women entrepreneurs in Florence, Italy

Looking to start a business in Florence? Meet four successful female and foreign entrepreneurs who are living proof that it can be done - and brilliantly.
February 7, 2017

6 rainy day activities for kids in Florence

The sun is not always shining in Florence, contrary to popular belief. Here are six ways to calm your kids on a rainy day.
February 1, 2017

How to adapt to the Italian school system

Moving to a new country is a daunting prospect, even more so when faced with the difficult decision of finding your child a school. The first step of this challenging task started prior to our move when I sat in front of my laptop and began researching our options. It proved to be a more […]