Author: Erica Michelle Kiefer

Erica Michelle Kiefer came to Italy for the food, prefers cats to dogs, and studies journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill. She writes articles on food, music and art. When not interning for The Florentine, she scribbles short stories and scours the streets for gelato. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram @EricaMKiefer and weekly at
January 10, 2018

Taking my Italian from zero to hero

For the months leading up to my studies in Florence, I crammed Italian vocab, conjugations and grammar without a teacher or practice partner.
December 13, 2017

New York’s street art revolution

Kent and Jackson State shootings, The Pentagon Papers, Watergate, Roe v. Wade, the Vietnam War, Harvey Milk’s assassination, Elvis Presley’s death, the Jonestown Massacre. While these events defined the 1970s, they represent a sliver of the changes that hit America that fateful decade. Therefore, when Tuscan-born street artist Paolo Buggiani says, “When I returned to […]
November 23, 2017

Wine bars in Florence: red, white and bubbles

From Chianti Classico to wine courses, French Champagne to Alto Adige whites, Florence boasts a wine bar scene worth uncorking.
October 27, 2017

5 brunch spots in Florence

From karaoke bars to five-star hotels, Florence now has several brunch joints serving American cuisine dusted with French and British inspiration.
October 25, 2017

Nu Ovo, taking the egg to the next level

New restaurant Nu Ovo’s name says it all. Yes, the subtitle is cheesy, “A lovely eggsperience,” but it’s also true: the egg is ubiquitous.
October 13, 2017

Adrian Paci to exhibit in Florence

Movement and migration key themes for the artist
October 10, 2017

One millennial’s guide to aperitivo in Florence

One millennial’s guide to four aperitivo spots in Florence that offer a little of everything for a millennial’s 10-euro budget.
September 29, 2017

Order and chaos

The Tuscan countryside brims with thousands of trees. Florentines may know the difference between cypresses and redwoods, but what about cedars, firs, maples, birches, oaks and their varieties? Then the common Tuscan creatures: Corsican hares, red foxes, barnacle geese and kingfishers. As unknown fauna mounts, so does fear of the unfamiliar. If scientists haven’t discovered […]
September 15, 2017

Marble replica fills gap on cathedral exterior

Two cranes and a restoration team recently positioned a copy of the Old Testament’s Samuel on the façade of Florence Cathedral.