Author: Europass Teacher Academy

Europass Teacher Academy is the largest European provider of Professional Development courses for Teachers. The school Headquarter is in Florence (Italy) but thanks to its team of international trainers, we offer courses in several different locations in Europe. The institute has a large network of partner schools and universities and is constantly involved in international projects with the aim to develop and share innovative teaching methods and techniques.
December 18, 2019

Teachers are the real influencers

Teachers have always played a vital role in the lives of their students and put great effort into supporting students in both their learning and personal development. But what are the latest issues that teachers need to be aware of and explore today?   Answering this question is not an easy task. The Europass Teacher […]
November 18, 2019

Dreaming of teaching English in Italy

Have you ever dreamt of living in Italy instead of just visiting? English-speaking foreigners often consider teaching English when it comes to thinking about how to make an income while living their Italian dream.   Sheila Corwin, from California, USA, a well-known language teacher trainer in Tuscany, knows exactly what it’s like to be an […]