Author: Gianfranco Bracci

Gianfranco Bracci, nature guide and trekker extraordinaire, is the author of numerous maps and guidebooks about Italy and the world.
April 17, 2008

A hike in Tuscany

Enjoy some springtime sunshine by travelling this ancient route from Vaglia to Fiesole and rediscover its silences, fragrances and exceptional panoramas. The second part runs largely along the crests of hills with broad views over the surrounding valleys and extraordinary glimpses of Florence and, ultimately, Fiesole.   KNOW BEFORE YOU
October 31, 2007

Hike in Tuscany: the Renaissance Trail

This trek is part of the Anello del Rinascimento, an itinerary developed by Gianfranco Bracci for the Florence tourism agency APT. It explores Florence’s immediate surroundings, fascinating for their natural beauty as well as for the art and history they contain.  Along the way, the trekker will
October 4, 2007

Hike in Tuscany: Impruneta to Florence

The arrival of crisp autumn weather is the perfect excuse for a Tuscan hike. And what better goal than the breathtaking views along the walk from Impruneta to Florence?   The hike can be direct, starting in Impruneta (see ‘Getting there’, below) and heading straight down to Florence.