Author: Harry Cochrane

Harry Cochrane is a jobbing man of letters from Northumberland. When he’s not penning his own poetry, Harry is likely reviewing other people’s for the Times Literary Supplement, or commenting on opera as The Florentine’s resident reviewer. You can follow him on Twitter @hjccochrane
October 19, 2016

Postcard from Florence

An image of my lady lives insideThe church of San Michele, where her face,Her kindness and her honesty provideAsylum seekers with a moment’s grace.Thus she, when people kneedrop and draw near,Prioritises those who need her most:A milky retina turns crystal clear,A demon is evicted from its host.Her features clarified by candlelight,Her name is on the […]
June 30, 2016

La chiesa di Dante

Enter, feigning nonchalance, the French tour group to hear Dominum Jesum Christum escape the newly christened sound system. They amassed like it was 1034. Electric candles. My eyes swept the floor, my head hung penitent that her renown should have reached me only through Dan Brown, a Ser Brunetto counting his tresor. And then the […]