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La Sosta: specialty coffee from Melbourne to Florence

Quality coffee, light roasting, careful conservation and clean equipment


Open air, open mind

A tourism offering that doesn’t divide people by income but makes top-notch amenities available to all, albeit with a few personalized extras if you’re so inclined: this has been the ...


Line One: approved

Fifty-two years after the last tram departed in Florence, and after years of controversy over the new public transit system, it seems the city is finally smiling.    When the Sirio tram made its inaugural departure at 6:30am on February 14 from Florence's Via Alamanni Station,


Breakfast, any way you like it

During your semester abroad, you will likely come to miss one thing over all others: breakfast. Italian breakfast staples, the cornetto and cappuccino (which you thought you liked) will quickly become your worst nightmare. If Italians are famous for long meals at the table-they have never given up on


Cheap and traditional

Peposo, ribollita, trippa, farinata, bollito. Not knowing how to pronounce them is no excuse for not trying Florence's tastiest traditional bites. Florentine cuisine is known as ‘cucina povera' for its robust and simple dishes made with local products.   Let's start with a predictable but important fact


Everything’s aesthetic

Villa Bardini’s recently restored museum complex is quickly gaining a reputation as a first-rate center for art and culture. The opening of its newest portion signals a shift in the ...