Author: Jenni Brooks

June 1, 2006

True Brew

Suffered a trauma, had a bad day at work or simply dragged yourself out of bed in the morning? For Brits, all these occasions and many more call for one thing and one thing only – a nice cup of tea. For someone whose most common household utterance is ‘
March 9, 2006

Kissed by the sun

Sicily is chalk to Florence’s cheese.  If you’ve headed there from the north, sometimes you wonder if you’re still in Italy at all. The differences are hard to pin down – the cliché of a poor, pastoral cousin certainly sells this complex
January 26, 2006

Lost and found in Orvieto,

Isn’t winter a drag?  Rest assured though, it’s better here than in my home town Edinburgh, which gets the worst of the eternal dark Scottish winters.  At this time of year, Scots must actively seek ways to lift the spirits, and for me the