Author: Jennifer L. Monti

Jennifer L. Monti is a Florentine native who loves languages and good reads. She completed her Ph.D. at UCLA in Hispanic Languages and Literatures, and has recently moved back to Florence with her family. Her main interests include sports (Fiorentina soccer and LA Dodgers anyone?) and travel.
June 3, 2020

Children’s summer camps to start on June 15      

On June 1, the Comune di Firenze announced that the public centri estivi would be open for business, and that pre-enrollment would take place between June 1-8. The application is quick and effective—you are asked for the child’s information, your information, and to select the dates you are interested in.
May 15, 2020

Quarantine reads: 5 Italian classics

If there’s one thing this imposed quarantine has given us, it’s time. Time to finally clean out our closets, plan out our year, or pick up that book that’s been sitting on our nightstand for months on end. Without the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can finally sit down and relax with a […]