Author: Karl Whittaker

Karl Whittaker followed his heart from the United Kingdom to Florence with high hopes of transitioning from his former profession as a chef into a writer. If he isn’t working on his literary fiction novels, he’s likely writing about food, wine, music and almost everything else in between. Find more of Karl's work on his blog The Devils of Florence (
October 8, 2019

Karime Lopez + Beatrice Segoni: women chefs in Florence

The hospitality industry is an enriching environment for creative minds and dedicated individuals but, as with any profession, working in the kitchen unfortunately comes with some downsides. Aside from the obvious problems like long hours, high temperatures and personal sacrifice, it’s also a male-dominated world, which creates an environment that sometimes deters young female professionals […]
September 18, 2019

Sustainable sustenance

Scientists across the globe are stressing the importance of making changes to our deleterious daily habits for the betterment of our Earth and the future of those who will inherit it. Climate change is rising to an irreparable level, the oceans are flooded with hazardous plastics and chemical pollutants are used to produce more agricultural […]
June 19, 2019

Kitchen talk: chefs’ perspective on Florence’s restaurants

Behind the cameras of televised cooking shows and the pages of food reviews and travel guides, the customer knows very little about what really goes on in the minds and kitchens of the chefs who prepare their food. As a former chef with work experience in both low- and high-end restaurants, I have some awareness […]