Kevin Manley

Kevin Manley is from Manassas, Virginia. He graduated in May 2012 from the College of William and Mary, with a BA in history and government. He is currently a master?s student at James Madison University in Florence, studying European Union policy studies.

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Going native

When I was an undergraduate at William and Mary, I saw a poster advertising a master’s program in Florence. I had fallen in love with the city on a high school trip to Europe, when I pet the snout of the boar statue in the Mercato Nuovo to


Fishing in Tuscan waters

Say 'Tuscany' and most people think immediately of historic sites, museums, charming towns, wine, and olive oil. But the region is also a superb place for recreational fishing, from fly-fishing in the mountains to sea fishing off the Tuscan coast.     INLAND FISHING   Let’s get


Victor Caulfield

Nineteenth-century poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning are among the most renowned expatriates to have lived in Florence and their home, Casa Guidi, stands across from the Palazzo Pitti. Today, one of its most luxurious flats is occupied by Victor John Barrett Caulfield, a distant relative of Elizabeth,


Florence is ‘capital of Europe’

As the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence and the region of Tuscany have long had a ‘European calling.’ For this reason, Florence was chosen as the home of the European University Institute (EUI), which studies the activities and development of the European Union (EU). Now, Florence has