Author: Laci Coppins

February 12, 2009

Photography by Amalie R Rothschild: Eyewitness to the 60’s Rock Revolution

Tina Turner and Janis Joplin performing together at Madison Square Garden: the image is forever captured, thanks to photographer Amalie R. Rothschild.   From 1968-1971, while a graduate student at New York University, Rothschild, worked as a freelance photographer and became known as the unofficial house photographer at the
October 2, 2008

An interview with Marina Calamai

Walking into to the Limonaia at Palazzo Medici Riccardi you may be surprised to see a giant cake inviting you to come inside. If you take the installation up on its offer, you'll hear a voice reciting Lorenzo de' Medici's poetry in various languages. Sound different? It is;
September 18, 2008

Memory and emotion

Jules Maidoff, founder of Studio Art Centers International (SACI) and internationally noted artist, continues his legacy and leadership in the Florentine community with his unique and personal exhibit at the Museo Marino Marini.