Lily Prigioniero

Lily Prigioniero is a professor of writing and art conservation who, for the past 20 years, has taught in various study-abroad programs in Florence including New York University, Syracuse, and the Florence University of the Arts. She lives with her family in the hills of Montespertoli.

Articles by the author


The good, the bad, and forget the ugly: changes in Florence at the turn of the millennium

At a certain point, Florence becomes part of our own life history.


Giulia Lorimer: a Tuscan legacy

There is something profoundly touching when someone like Giulia Daneo Lorimer exits life’s stage while her sons and daughters watch as her lights slowly dim. But then, on September 11, ...


An Italian Buffalo Bill

A living folk legend is about to appear in Tuscany, an Italian Buffalo Bill scanning the deserts of the American West as well as the busy highways of Italy. Luigi ...


A letter to students in Florence

A university colleague recently asked me, ‘So what’s your other shtick—all writing professors have another shtick?’ I looked at him with a raised eyebrow and said ‘Art conservation,’ to which he responded by raising his eyebrow. Art is my passion and the


Prima Materia: a Montespertoli-based non-profit

  The Montespertoli-based non-profit Prima Materia aims to make music a staple of after-school life both locally and internationally. Headed by British expats Dr. Deborah Parker and husband Henry Brown, ...