Author: Linda Falcone

Linda Falcone, an English-speaker and an Italian-thinker, is the author of three books with The Florentine Press, and others with Jane Fortune for the Advancing Women Artists Foundation. She has lived, taught and written in Italy for almost 2 decades.
May 5, 2005

‘In bocca al lupo’

In Italy, it is good luck to touch iron. Knocking on wood will do nothing for you. It is also good luck to touch the hump of a hunchback or stroke the nose of a wild boar. Fortune will also smile kindly upon you if you jump when you see
April 28, 2005

‘Anche l’occhio vuole la sua parte’

For three years, I had the good fortune of living with two Italian painters. This is relevant to me, mostly because when it was my turn to make a meal, I always got painter-related commentary. They never told me how good or bad my food tasted. Instead, they’
April 21, 2005

“Non te la prendere”: offending with affection

Years of Italian living has taught me that one must be brave when talking to Italians, mostly because they will always tell you what they know.   If you have gained a kilo and someone notices, which is probable, they will tell you. If the hairdresser went overboard with your haircut, you won’t be left […]