Lisa Clifford

Lisa Clifford was born in Sydney, Australia. Following a career in radio and television journalism, she now contributes opinion pieces, guides and lifestyle articles on Italy to international magazines and newspapers. She is the author of Walking Sydney, The Promise, An Italian Romance and Death in the Mountains.

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It’s odd that very few foreigners have ever heard of Casentino. In the upper Arno valley of eastern Tuscany, it is home to 36,000 hectares of some of the most beautiful natural parklands in Italy. These ancient woods are packed with wild boar, deer, porcini mushrooms and


Nonna’s secrets

One day, my 14-year-old daughter looked at me and waved, a swing of the arm that looked more as if she was drowning than greeting. She was in a huddle with her Italian grandmother in the kitchen and had been in it for some time. Nonna was gesticulating


Kids in two languages

My mother-in-law likes to tell my children the Tuscan joke about the cat that waited for the mouse to emerge from its hole in the wall. For three days, the cat sat outside the mouse's home, waiting, waiting, waiting. When eventually the cat barked ‘bow wow,'


A quest for the truth

I don't remember exactly when my Italian mother-in-law told me that her grandfather was murdered. I've known my husband's mother for almost 30 years, so it must have been during the early part of my romance with her Florentine son that she mentioned that her