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‘Get Behind Me Satan’ by The White Stripes

When one considers the musical landscape that The White Stripes have jumped into, you’ve got to give them credit for doing so damn well. After five albums, they sound as fresh as ever. Offering new guitar pleasures and witty lyrics to the common folk. This recording again shows


‘Demon Days’ by Gorillaz

The Gorrilaz first pounced on the world with the single “Clint Eastwood” in 2001. Some critics have labelled them unoriginal, but one thing is for certain, their dynamic is original, for the Gorrilaz are a cartoon band. Any picture you will see of the band, weather it be


‘X and Y’ by Coldplay

From the birth of lead singer and composer Chris Martin’s daughter to headlining Live8 in London, it’s hard to escape the shine of Coldplay. In their third album, X and Y, the band savours its talent for capturing emotions so simply, easily relating to most listeners