Lucia Barbini Falcone

Lucia Barbini Falcone, author of 'Over Bridges Across Tables', a memoir about her life on the island of Murano, is the recipient of the Eistner Award in prose and has received writing honors from Writer's Digest. She lectures on the history of Murano, and teaches an ?Italian for Travelers' class in the United States. She also gives courses on Italian cooking. Her book 'Over Bridges Across Tables' can be found at:

Articles by the author


A morsel of perfection

I come from a Venetian family where the imperative of every meal was to create the perfect bite. For my mamma, it meant getting up at five in the morning, while my five siblings and I were still asleep, to make homemade tortellini filled with a minced paste of delicious


The glass menagerie

If poets and artiststhroughout the centuries have called Venice ‘the jewel of the Adriatic Sea’,then the island of Murano is, without a doubt, a chip off the old block. Itsfame and history run parallel to that of the Venetian Republic, which governedfor more than a thousand years,