Author: Margreta Moss

Margreta Moss is a journalist, historian, art critic and lecturer. Born in Florence, where she graduated in classical studies and gained a PhD in Mathematics, Margreta has also worked in Italy, the USA, Venezuela, Australia, Borneo, Middle East and, since 1993, in London, where she currently lives. She is a member of the Amerigo Vespucci a Casa Sua Committee and the Toscana-USA Association as well as head of the Fiorentini nel Mondo Association in the United Kingdom.
March 6, 2008

An interview with Dario Marianelli

Life is good for Pisa native Dario Marianelli—after winning a Golden Globe in January, he can now add an Oscar to his collection for the Best Original Score for Joe Wright’s latest film, Atonement. The composer sat down with The Florentine’s Margreta Moss in
September 6, 2007

An interview with Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero was born in 1932 in the city of Medellín in Colombia. An abstract artist, Botero’s paintings and sculptures are noteworthy for their exaggerated proportions and the sheer corpulence of the human and animals figures depicted. Through the careful use of colour, shape and form,
June 30, 2005

Up and down, and around, the hills of Florence

You can easily go by car, but the best way is to go by foot, as San Zanobi did in the 4th century CE. Starting from Piazza Vingone, where the route of Bus 27 ends, you take Via di Casignano and climb along a winding road lined with stone walls,
June 23, 2005

Calcio Storico: Florentine football in Livery

Imagine Florence during the Renaissance, but not in the full splendour that you see in the tourist guides. Imagine it in the bloody grip of its enemies. On the 17th of February 1520, the Florentines were suffering famine and pestilence, they were under the threat of excommunication from the Church,