Marisa Garreffa

    Marisa Garreffa is a performance artist, curator and writer based in Florence. She recently developed and programmed the premier season of SOTTO al British for The British Institute of Florence and is currently developing a series of new programs to support the creative process of multidisciplinary artists. She is also a mental health advocate across creative and study abroad institutions.

    Articles by the author


    Milestones in study abroad global partnerships in Florence

    Marist College awards Lorenzo de’ Medici’s founder, Fabrizio Guarducci, with an Honorary Doctorate.


    Antonio Signorini’s Attraverso show marks the opening of Oblong Contemporary Gallery in Florence

    Contemporary Florence takes flight in piazza del Carmine, piazza San Firenze + piazza del Grano.


    Dario Cecchini on Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’

    For many visitors to Tuscany, their first taste of Dante’s verses came with their first taste of bistecca alla Fiorentina, crowded around the boisterous restaurant tables of local butcher Dario ...


    No more chances after today

    It takes me a while to realise I miss the car horns. Traffic still flies by, the emptier roads mean Italians take pleasure in speeding along, but what’s missing is ...


    The voice of the Medici echoes through time

    In 2015, at the Biblioteca di San Giovannino, the lights rose for the first time in 300 years on Gian Gastone and Anna Maria Luisa, telling their story beneath the ...


    A Florence rape survivor speaks out

    At 20.24 yesterday evening my lawyer called: the condemnation for the man who raped me in Florence had finally been confirmed by the highest court in Rome.


    Swiping and radio silence

    Swipe. No. Swipe. No. Red Speedos. No. Suspicious side pose. No. Extremely waxed eyebrows. No. Guess which one of this group I am… No. Dramatic close up of ...