Mary Ann Pinto

After spending five vacations as a guest at the Pensione Pitti Palace, Mary Ann Pinto moved to Florence in 1971 and married the manager. She helped him run the hotel until they retired in October 1991. Her recollections of those years is recorded in 'Diary of an Italian Innkeeper's Wife', which she is preparing for pubblication.

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Remembering Florence Nightingale

May 12 marks the anniversary of the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the remarkable Englishwoman who revolutionized conditions in hospitals around the world, established nursing as a profession, and helped inspire ...


Pisa by candlelight

Every June 16 at twilight, the citizens of Pisa light nearly 70,000 candles in honor of San Ranieri, Pisa's patron saint, transforming the city into a sea of twinkling lights for a tradition now called the Luminara di San Ranieri. Homes, palaces, churches and towers on the banks



When boyfriends, husbands and employers give sprigs of yellow mimosa to their girlfriends, wives and female employees, you know it’s Women’s Day. When all the female members of the household abandon the men to go out to dinner in festive groups, you know it’s


To whom we owe it all

Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici (1667-1743) ought to be one of the most famous and popular Florentines of all times, for it was she who turned Florence into a cultural mecca. With a stroke of her pen, she bequeathed the Medici’s jewels, pictures, sculptures, manuscripts and