Author: Matt O'Leary

Matt OLeary won us over with his list of exciting ideas about food in Tuscanynow its his turn to win over our readers!
October 8, 2009

Flex your mussels

Please forgive the dreadful pun and console yourselves with the knowledge that it could have been worse if I'd have chosen a different seafood to write about this issue. (‘Prawn stars', ‘Whelk hello', or ‘A clam for all seasons', for example. Lucky escape, huh?) As it
September 10, 2009

Not Just Desserts

Eating big, hearty meals at this time of the year can seem like the last thing anyone wants to do: unless, of course, those big hearty meals are cooked outside and served in a bread roll. But, at the same time, all those salads can get a little bit boring
June 18, 2009

Leftover lovers

Eagle-eyed readers might have noticed that, of late, this column has revolved around two distinct themes: summer and the onset of good weather, and thrift. It's not through a lack of inspiration-I'd hate to give the impression that writing this column is as easy as gazing
June 4, 2009

The Florentine says… grillax

Ah, you know the feeling. Sun on your neck. The smell of marinated meat turned and sizzling on a shiny lattice. The breeze drying the patina of honest sweat on your cheeks. The sound of your friends being chased by drowsy carpenter bees the size of hummingbirds and shining like
May 21, 2009

Sweet international summers

There’s little doubt that readers in Tuscany with sweet tooths are spoiled from the moment they wake up in the morning until the time comes to brush their teeth at night. Dolci for breakfast, a morning snack, more paste at lunch, something sweet to taste in the evening
May 7, 2009

Break out the botanicals

Fresh herbs are an ideal way to add colour, flavour and texture to your spring and summer dishes: they're inexpensive, and you only need a small amount to add a lot of extra taste to dishes.  And in Tuscany, you're never short of opportunities to buy or
April 9, 2009

Short, sweet suppers

Predicting food trends is a strange world to get into, and one that most food journalists steer clear of, partly because of the risk of making yourself look a bit silly (‘So, you're trying to tell us that this is the year the electric toothbrush is finally going
March 26, 2009

Alici in wonderland

It's very infrequently that this column will focus on one ingredient only, and rarer still that the named ingredient will be quite as humble and tiny as the one we're going to focus on now, but something has been missing in my life recently, and I hope to
March 12, 2009

Kit and caboodle

So, you've spent the whole of January taking it easy, saving money and cranking your health back up to pre-Christmas levels. And you've spent February huddled up against (what we hope is) the last of the wintry weather, eking a few tasty meals out of the last,
February 26, 2009

Spring into action

Spring is often a bit of an odd time for eating. Yes, there are things that come into season right now, but most of the recipes that you’ll find yourself making will either take advantage of the tail-end of the older winter crops or use new, young or baby versions of not quite fully grown […]