Author: Maurizio Arfaioli

Maurizio Arfaioli is a Project Fellow at the Medici Archive Project.
June 12, 2008

Cosimo I’s secret weapon

Since I have come across a secret of no small importance, considering the times we live in today, especially in use against the Turkish cavalry, I have judged it worthy of Your Majesty. (Archivio di Stato in Florence, Mediceo del Principato 238, fol. 65 - Florence, 25 February 1572)   With
October 18, 2007

From granary to grandeur

Close to the palace and piazza of the Priors [] is an Oratory of extraordinary beauty, worked entirely in dressed stone and constructed on arched vaults supported by beautifully sculptured piers. On the exterior of the piers are sculpted statues of the saints, some of alabaster and some of bronze of

For the man who has everything

One Tunisian cow Six straw hats Seven pounds of sausages One illustrated book on the excellence of women One short harquebus to go with the longer, more common models A large basket of undersized asparagus (due to a poor summer in Milan) Four live pheasants (in fact, three alive and one in critical condition) Two […]