Author: Melissa Morozzo

July 2, 2009
The Tuscan TimesTRAVEL

Livorno: old sea dogs, fish stew and palm trees

‘Leghorn’: the name doesn’t exactly inspire a visit does it? Considering that the city of Livorno is blessed with a very pronounceable name in English, it’s not clear how it got lumped with an Anglicised name that conjures up images of a grotesque troll-like leg sprouting horns. Livorno is already considered a bit of a […]
June 18, 2009

On yer bike

I love my bicycle. I love it more than I love tea, spaghetti with aglio, olio and peperoncino and waking up on a Sunday morning, thinking it's Monday for a second and then realising that I can snuggle down for another couple of hours. That's a lot of
June 4, 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the greenest candidate of all?

This week I've being playing political hopscotch. Because the political playground in Italy is one of quickly forged alliances and easily dashed friendships, it is dizzying to keep up with who is in whose gang and who is no longer friendly with whom. It's not in Italy's
May 21, 2009

Back to our roots: the zucchini mission

IIm exhausted and confused. IIve spent a week cycling round Florence (this article has a minimal carbon footprint) in a quest to find the cityys most eco-friendly vegetables. I chose to make an example of the humble courgette, comparing the cost of organic and non-organic varieties. After all,
May 7, 2009

Take the green initiative

Do you get green guilt? I cycle everywhere, I use sodium bicarbonate and lemons for cleaning, I water plants with washing-up water and I recycle every last yoghurt pot, tuna can and envelope. I even make my own compost. But despite all this, if I so much as chuck
April 23, 2009

Cooking & Conspirancy

The Book of Unholy Mischief is foodie heaven. Elle Newmark's historical thriller set in fifteenth-century Venice simply oozes food and recipes from every page. The story is narrated in retrospect by its main character, Luciano, who at the start of the book is a young scrap of a
March 26, 2009

Creepy-and true

I remember my first Italian boyfriend, who suggested taking his car and ‘going parking' one evening.   I felt like I had suddenly been plunged into an episode of ‘Happy Days' with Ralph Malph trying oh-so-subtly to put his arm around a girl at the drive-
January 29, 2009

When you wish upon a translation

The family that brought about Pincocchio Park has given the world a refreshing new translation of Collodi's classic cautionary tale for children. Gloria Italiano, widow of Rolando Anzilotti, the mayor of Pescia responsible for creating the park, worked from the 1883 first edition, which is included in this dual-
October 2, 2008

A stylish homage

The same team that brought us the small but perfectly formed Civilized Shopper's Guide to Florence now brings us an alphabetical guide to all things Italian.   From the A of aceto balsamico to the V of vespa, this gorgeous little hardback has a classy 1920s look, each double-