Nicoletta Curradi

Nicoletta Curradi is a resident of Florence and a student of all of the beauty and wonder of this great city. We asked her a question the other day: ' Let's say you have a day available to enjoy some of what Florence has to offer. How about telling our readers how you might spend that day?'

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An afternoon walk through the Oltrarno

On the hillside behind Palazzo Pitti are the magnificent Boboli Gardens, which are among the most beautiful and best-preserved gardens in Italy. Our second stroll in search of discovery in the wonderful and unusual city of Florence begins from these gardens of paradise, laid out in the 16th century


A day in Florence,

  I suggest that you and your friends begin your day with a visit to the Museum of Opificio Pietre Dure, Via Alfani, 78, a rare and precious museum, where, ...