Author: Paul Salsini

Paul Salsini is a journalist and teacher in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, whose roots are in San Martino in Freddana, near Lucca. The Devil?s Bridge at Borgo a Mozzano figures prominently in his book Sparrow?s Revenge: A Novel of Postwar Tuscany, part of A Tuscan Trilogy, preceded by The Cielo: A Novel of Wartime Tuscany and followed by Dino?s Story: A Novel of 1960s Tuscany; all are published by iUniverse (
October 21, 2010

The Devil’s Bridge in Tuscany

What with all the murder and mayhem going on in the muddled Middle Ages, one might think the devil would have had better things to do. But instead of keeping traffic-from peasants to popes-moving smoothly through the Gates of Hell, the Prince of Darkness was apparently flitting around