Author: Rea Stavropoulos

Rea Stavropoulos is an artist, writer and advocate for AWA. Find out more at and email her at [email protected]
June 15, 2020

The Steinbeck Snail and The Greatness of the Universe

How does a tiny London snail clinging to the underside of an olive branch connect with a major exhibition at the Uffizi Gallery? This image is just one of the unexpected symbolic juxtapositions that have emerged in my work as an artist through the burgeoning creative conversations and collaborations that have developed during this quarantine […]
December 18, 2019

A ride with Zia Caterina

It was midnight when the airport bus dropped me off at Santa Maria Novella station where the taxis should have been. There was a sad little line of people waiting and the scene was that of a hushed city, like a De Chirico painting where the buildings around the empty piazzas seemed to be waiting […]
October 8, 2019

What can be done: Helen Cammock

Women’s voices merge and emerge, meeting across the centuries in Helen Cammock’s lyrical tribute to the resilience of Italian women past and present in a split-screen video work shown at London’s Whitechapel Art Gallery, one of the UK’s major public art spaces, and now transferring to the Collezione Maramotti in Reggio Emilia. As the recipient […]
May 29, 2019

A drama for our times: The Ballet of the Nations

The Ballet of the Nations, Vernon Lee’s pacifist dance drama written in London in 1915 during World War I when she was unable to return to her home, Villa Il Palmerino in Florence, has never been performed live before. Now there will be two public shows in the idyllic grounds of Lee’s former residence.   […]
June 13, 2018

What does it mean to “adopt an Apostle”?

What would it mean to “adopt an Apostle”, to participate in the restoration of a damaged and forgotten masterpiece so that it will be possible for our contemporaries and also future generations to be captivated and moved by it as I was a few weeks ago on my visit to the restorer’s studio?
November 8, 2016

An Ambassadress for Florence and “Una Grande Fiorentina”

Many of us “expats” have fallen in love with Florence and made the city our home, but few, if any, will have had the insight, drive and determination of Jane Fortune to search, discover, retrieve, restore and present to the city an overlooked and invisible part of its history, making visible the works of Florence’s […]
April 11, 2013

By choice and coincidences

Forty years ago this month, I set out from London as a teenager on my ‘grand tour’ that was to take me from art history studies at the British Institute in Florence to an archaeological dig in Herculaneum, via Magic Bus to Marrakesh and the Orient Express to
April 7, 2011

Looking over Leonardo’s shoulder

In London last spring, over 120,000 visitors crowded into a temporary exhibition at the British Museum to look at small works on paper from the Italian Quattrocento. The exhibit, Drawings from Fra' Angelico to Leonardo, was described as a ‘once in a lifetime' exhibition by the media and
December 9, 2010

Women artists ‘of wit and great ingenuity’

Who am I?' ‘What am I doing here?' ‘How do I wish to be remembered?' These are among the questions that an artist may ask herself as she tries to decide how she will represent herself to the world, what to reveal and what to mask. The upcoming
July 1, 2010

Visibility for women artists

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