Rebecca Gualandi

Rebecca Gualandi was born in Paris, lives in Florence and studies Philosophy at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Trying to embrace all the different cultures has been a difficult but rewarding experience for her. She is now interning for the summer at the Florentine, where the Anglophone and Italian worlds collide and where she hopes to acquire experience to pursue a career in writing and publishing.

Articles by the author


7 gardens in Florence that you have to see

It had never really dawned upon me to visit the gardens of Florence. Maybe because until recently I was still trying to avoid doing things that my mother would do. ...


On the threshing floor

Started five years ago, Montespertoli’s A Veglia sulle Aie celebrates its agricultural heritage: the land, its fruits and the traditions of this farming community.   Having spent most of my childhood growing up on one of these Tuscan farms, a favorite memory of mine is catching lucciole, fireflies,


Florentine entrepreneur launches bespoke coffee business

When it comes to coffee, most people simply go with what’s available, perhaps compromising at the three-way intersection of the convenience and the atmosphere of the nearest café and the ...


9 inexpensive lunch spots in Florence

Eating well doesn’t have to lead to negative bank statements. Whether you are a student, travelling on a budget or looking for a good spot for a reasonably priced business lunch, here are our some of our favourite under € 15 list of lunch spots in Florence.  


Vegetarian restaurants in Florence

Diet fads come and go, but vegetarianism is not a fad. Adding to the long-standing religious beliefs that direct many the world over to follow a plant-based diet are increasing concerns about animal rights, nutrition, sustainability and the environment. Reflecting the growing trend, Florence has many more vegetarian


Best beaches in Tuscany

Tuscany is home to some of the cleanest and most scenic beaches in Italy. With over 40 certified Blue Flag beaches, clear waters are guaranteed. Bathers can take their pick ...


The 1.5 million euro piazza makeover

Piazza della Repubblica, despite being one of Florence’s busiest squares, has never enjoyed much affection from Florentines. Now, that situation might change due to plans to renovate the piazza.   Former Florence mayor and now Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi, had the idea six years ago to introduce


Up from below

The abandoned underwater village of Fabbriche di Careggine will be brought back to the surface next year. Submerged in Lake Vagli in Vagli Sotto, located in the province of Lucca, the ‘mini Pompeii’ has not resurfaced since 1994, the last time the lake was drained.   A group


Lapislazuli: blue magic

Panel with view of the port of Livorno (1601-04) in the Uffizi. By Cristofano Gaffurri based on a drawing by Jacopo Ligozzi   The exhibition “Lapis Lazuli: The Magic of ...