Author: Suzi Jenkins

Suzi Jenkins has been living and working in Florence longer than most people care to remember. Originally from the Docklands area in South London, she has a background in marketing and communications, which was very handy when the world (and, later, Florence) launched itself in 2.0 mode. She is now is partner in a web communications agency in Florence, helping local businesses find their social voice.
July 1, 2010

High-school blues

Seen some long faces on Italian teens (and their parents) recently? Summer's the season when young students all over Italy learn the hard lesson of ?too little, too late.' At the end of each year, high school students (aged 14 and over) are promossi (permitted to pass to the
June 17, 2010

Instant English

When, in the mid 1980s, I applied to university to read business studies, I was persuaded by the literature at the time that the English language was dead, about to be replaced by German, Spanish or French. If I was not fluent in at least two modern European languages by
May 20, 2010

First the farmer sows the seed …

These days, Tuscany is everything but flexible in its effort to pull the local economy out of the doldrums. Traditional manufacturing sectors are on their knees, and the mainstays of the Tuscan economy, especially tourism, are suffering. Tourism has been hit with both the recent crisis of the American dollar
April 22, 2010

What a load of tripe!

Florence's tradition of tripe dates as far back as the 1400s, and in 2010, it's still a growing industry. Everyone has seen the mobile kiosks in Florence's streets and piazzas advertising trippa and lampredotto in large, bold lettering. The number of these stands, collectively known as
April 8, 2010

Pushing through the pain

The Tuscan economy is hurting, and it's hurting bad. Given, these days nearly every sector and industry in every country is in pain. But Tuscany has its very own personal agony.   Why are things so bad for the region economically? The global economic crisis doesn't help, but
March 25, 2010

Change, the very hardest thing of all

  Social media used to make a statement, to observe and listen to the reaction, and re-qualify the original statement? Astounding change.     There is no way that the inauguration of the notorious Tramvia went unnoticed in this city. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re lucky. The rest of us have been sitting […]
August 4, 2005


La notte di San Lorenzo (St. Lawrence?s Night), August 10, is the anniversary of the martyrdom in 258 CE of Lawrence, one of the early Christian martyrs.  In actual fact, the poor fellow was probably beheaded, and the emperor Constantine built a church on the spot.  But
June 23, 2005

Keep cool on a tuscan holiday

We all adore the sunshine!, In particular, sun-deprived northern Europeans and North Americans love to holiday in a hot country. Here are a few friendly tips from ?northerners? who have made a life-study of how to keep cool in the midday sun! They apply to you,
June 2, 2005
The Tuscan TimesTRAVEL

June in tuscany

June is a magical month in Tuscany.  The nights are alive with a thousand noises, lights, and scents.  This atmosphere is well caught in the Pfeiffer-Everett film of A Midsummer Night?s Dream, shot in Italy.  June is the month of midsummer, when Tuscan days are
May 12, 2005

Coffee Italian style

You would never have believed anything so simple as having a coffee could possibly be so complicated; but once you really understand Italian coffee you too will appreciate and indeed hold in great esteem the greatest of all Italian rituals - prendere un caffè (having a coffee).     What? &