Author: Tova Piha

Tova Piha, a 22 years old New Yorker and graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Has been living and working in Florence, exploring the city's ins and outs, for the past 9 months.
November 3, 2005

Sex and our city:

I  was in DC’s hotspot Lauriol a couple weeks ago, indulging in their signature drink – a heavenly (looking and tasting) swirl frozen margarita, and catching up with a friend I had not seen in over a year.  Next to us, a white man sporting a
October 6, 2005

Life beyond Edison

I like Edison as much as the next person.  Indeed, when I first arrived in Florence, I jokingly referred to it as my second home.  It was where I checked my e-mail, had my morning cappuccino, went to the loo, did my Italian homework, and wrote in
September 22, 2005

American Pie the Italian Way

Catering to those tourists, students, and expatriates craving an American fix, a ‘culinary’ comfort from home, purveyors of distinctly American food have found a niche in Florence. Although New York style Chinese takeout has yet to hit the scene, imported peanut butter, fresh blueberry muffins, Campbell’s
September 8, 2005

‘The foreign stallion’

So you’re having a girl’s night out.  You’re fairly new in town and you and a few girls from your Italian class have arranged to meet at the Duomo, where you might hang out for a bit, maybe pop into JJ Cathedral for
August 4, 2005

‘Controlling the Cheating’

When worldly grandmothers discourage their granddaughters from marrying the men they’ve met while abroad in Italy, the offensive employed is usually a two-tiered one.  The first, addressed a couple weeks ago, is that Italian men are not the loyal type.  The second contention is that
July 21, 2005

A Nation of Cheaters?

People keep warning me not to get seriously involved with Italian men; they’re apparently cheaters, as well as jealous and possessive lovers, the lot of them.  In his book The Italic British journalist Tobias Jones observes that extramarital affairs are far more frequent and acceptable in Italy
July 7, 2005

Sleepy Settignano’s best kept secret

A stone’s throw away from Florence, yet overlooked by most tourist itineraries, is Settignano, a largely undiscovered treasure of a town that sits quietly and tranquilly to the northeast of the city.  Although its vistas are perhaps not quite on a par to those of Fiesole, its
June 30, 2005

Italian girls are easy too?!

“No, you’re wrong,” a friend recently told me. “Italian girls are easy too.” I countered with a sceptical look. This was news to me. And I’d certainly met un sacco di gente who would be equally incredulous.   “So why is it that I’m always hearing about the girls here being so dificili?” I ventured, […]
June 23, 2005

Part III: Doesn’t thet view make you horny?

Italian men pat themselves on the back for having gotten the art of courting down, and not without good reason - they are, after all, known for their dexterity in this department across the globe., Meanwhile, in an effort to stay open-minded, you’ve finally put your dry, independent-
June 16, 2005

Part II: Foreign girls are easy

I like to ask Florentines what they think about the fact that their city is so overrun by tourists and foreign students. I reckon that if it gets to me, a foreigner myself and so without much of a leg to stand on, then it must really wear on the