Valentina Wurth

Valentina Wurth is a freelance writer working on her first novel. She has a bachelor's degree in English. She reads avidly, is trilingual and drinks too much coffee.

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Summer nightlife spots in Prato

Prato has long lived in its neighbor’s shadow. But the second largest city in Tuscany has recently undergone a modern revival with the opening of new locales. With hip crowds and refreshing venues, the city center of Prato may be this summer’s best-kept secret, and


I chose Florence

When I first arrived in Florence, for my semester abroad in August 2012, I behaved much like I was on an extended spring-break vacation. It was a period of pure debauchery and I’m sure I only helped perpetuate the stereotype of the American girl gone wild while


Old globe, ‘New World’

A peculiar object believed to be the oldest globe of the Americas has been found. Drawn on two halves of two ostrich eggs glued together, the discovery was presented on July 8 in Rome at the Italian Geographic Society. Information about its possible cultural and geographic implications has been published